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5070 60W CO2 Laser Engraving/Cutter machine
DLM 5070 60W/80W CO2 Laser
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DLM 5070 60W CO2 Laser Engraving machine

This is a Professional grade engraving/cutting machine with the latest 4th generation DSP technology. It comes with the latest model AWC-708 DSP controller that supports real time simulation and PPI. An air cooling system is installed inside of the machine to improve the performance. The laser head is installed on a roller wheel so higher speed can be achieved.
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Do you know what any of the specs listed below mean? If not you are probably like most of our customers. We can list all the bells and whistles in the "nerdy" spec form, but what good does that do the new user doing resurch to purchase a machine? Here is a simple break down about what this machine can do for you:

This machine uses Laser Cad to speak to the controller on the machine. You can use a USB cable or a network cable to transfer your files from your computer to the machine. We recomend CorelDraw X7. We will give you training on how to use CorelDraw X7 with Laser Cad and your machine. You can create files using different layers- these layers are defined by the colors you use. The AWC controller will diplay the layers in colors so you can be sure you know what you are getting. This machine comes with air assist- this will give you smoother cuts and nicer engraving. This machine comes with auto focus- this is a sensor on the machine that adjusts the hight of the laser head off the material electronicly so no gauge is needed. This machine comes with a chiller- a chiller cools the water that circulates through the CO2 tube, helping to keep the laser tube cool and prolong the life of the tube(which is the most expensive consumible for CO2 laser machines). This machine comes with an exhaust fan, which pulls the smoke out of your machine and vents to the location of your choosing (most people vent it outside). This machine comes with a referbished laptop with LaserCad preinstalled so you have a dedicated computer just for your machine. 

What you can do with this 60 watt machine:

*engrave on wood, acrylic, fabric, leather, rubber, food, and other soft materials, rock, granite, marble

*cut wood(up to 3/8  inch) acrylic, fabric and other soft materials. PLEASE NOTE- cutting plywood can be tricky. When cutting mulitple layer ply more power and less speed is needed to get throught the wood. The glue in plywood can be difficult cut through in one pass- especially if you are maxing out on the power of your machine. If you want to cut a lot of plywood, it's best to upgrade to a larger tube to maximize time and longevity of the tube.



  • CO2 Power: 60Watt
  • Tube Trigger Volt: 26KV
  • Tube Operating Volt: 18KV
  • Operating voltage: AC 110V/220V, 10A, 60/50Hz
  • Current: 21~24mA
  • Working area: 500mm x 700mm / 19" X 27"
  • Machine size: 67" X 43" X 43"
  • Weight: 550 pounds
  • Precision: 0.01mm , resolution: 0.05mm
  • Speed: 1100mm/s for engraving, 5~6mm/s for proxy glass cutting (up to 8)
  • Motor Type: Servos
  • Wood cutting: up to 16mm (1/2")
  • Water Protection: Yes
  • DSP Controller: Comes with a LCD unit for motion control and power control (AWC708)
  • OS: Windows 2000/ XP/ Win7/Win10(32 bit/ 64 bit)
  • Interface: USB port/LAN Port
  • USB memory drive support: Yes
  • PPI support: Yes
  • Auto Focus: Included
  • Micro step panning: Yes
  • Real time simulation: Yes
  • Application supported: CorelDraw V12, V14,X5, AutoCAD 2004 or higher version
  • Weight:189Kg/415lb (shipping 350lb)
  • Water Chiller: Yes (CW3000)
  • Exhaust: Yes
  • Refurnished Laptop: YES (Included)
  • LaserCAD
  • RF Tube life span if upgrade applies: 25000-35000 hours (air cooled)

Our new Designed machines are built custom for our customers. There is a 60 days delivery period.


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