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“Welcome to DLM Lasers! The best prices and service for CO2 laser products in the US. We provide a one stop shop for all your laser engraving and cutting machine needs.”

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DLM 4030 RF laser

This is a Professional grade engraving/cutting machine with the latest 4th generation DSP technology. It comes with a 30W RF tube with lifespan of 30000 hours. We use an AWC-708 Lite Controller....


DLM 1060 CO2 laser

The controller supports up to 200 art files by uploading from a USB memory stick. It's very convenient and it's great to save time and the cost of a PC system. The machine comes with a user-friendly software enabling...


DLM 1290 CO2 laser

With Power table 'Z' with a high torque motor is capable to lift up 80lb object! With help from the power Z table , you can adjust the focus point for different height object so much easier. The software is capable to handle...

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